Friday, November 18, 2005

Some More Conspiracies

This Cringley guy at PBS is onto the same thing that I am, he's claiming that Google's figured out how to pack 5000 CPUs and petabytes of storage into an industrial container that can be dropped into and plugged into Internet core peering points of which there are only around 300 in the world.

This is entirely feasible - nobody quite figured out what Google did with all that unused fiber that they scooped up a few years ago.

So the conspiracy goes that Googlites pack up these "datacenter in a box" containers, drop them into all 300 peering spots and wire them up using a private network and then essentially they have their own private shadow Internet connected everywhere and facing the general public at the peering points.

Kinda like Walmart does with cheap products but better .

Cringley theorizes about it here.

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