Thursday, June 24, 2004

It's Thursday, Sti

And I am working today so I can have tomorrow off. I am on the road for pretty much a whole week and then it's a short week next week. I am really booked solid until the end of september and I'm pretty stoked about it. I am hoping that the weather is good so we can try out the landlock surfboard thing. I tried it last year but couldn't quite completely let go of the rope. Oddly enough I used to be able to ride my longboard ropeless behind my old bayliner but can't seem to do it with the nautique. Anywez, I've got tons of people coming in from out of town over the next two months so it should be an awesome summer and if any of my other out or in-town friends want to come up to do some wakeboarding or ATV/Motocross, lemme know. A whole bunch of Triple Five Soul people went to a party in St. Donat last night and are supposed to be coming to my countryplace today so hopefully I can get out of the office early today. Mimi is on her way to Ocean City to do some surfing, I hope she runs into some dolphins although she'll probably have a heart attack if she sees one in the water. Posted by Hello

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